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Sited Laundry Equipment

Coin Operated Equipment – Free of Charge and Hassle

This option is best suited to shared laundry facilities in multi-tenant residential accommodation where the tenants pay for the use of the laundry equipment on a user pays basis. The property owners have no equipment purchase outlay, service or maintenance, this is all covered in the vend price of the machine. Promana collects the coins to cover these costs and provide a hassle free laundry facility to owners and property managers.
We provide the latest coin operated washing machines and/or dryers sited free of charge.
This option is best suited to property managers; strata title and real estate managed properties who need to provide laundry facilities but don’t want the hassle of buying and maintaining equipment.

Rental Laundry Equipment

Choose cost effective straight rental or fully maintained rental

This option is great for shared laundry facilities, multi-tenant residential or even individual needs. We provide coin or non-coin operated washing machines and/or dryers for a monthly rental charge. This monthly rental charge means we still provide the machine, service and maintain the equipment but you get to collect the coins to recover the rent and all utility costs without the equipment purchase outlay.
Because this is a rental we can provide either a coin operated machine requiring coin collection or we supply a non-coin operated machine allowing you to evenly distribute the rental cost between tenants accommodation rental.
As a rental this option provides cost effective laundry facilities with tax deductibility and will turn a laundry cost centre into a laundry profit centre. We can offer easy end of rental term options to make your laundry equipment investment even more profitable.
This option is best suited to most applications requiring profitable laundry facilities with the hassle of service taken away.

Purchase Laundry Equipment – a one off cost

We offer competitive pricing on a range of models to best suit your needs with easy finance providers
available to satisfy your purchases and make your equipment self-funding investment.

The question is, which option is best suited to your application?

We provide a free no obligation inspection of your property and advice
which laundry equipment option would best suit your needs. Speak to a
specialist now – Call 1300 776 626.

Ask a specialist now: Call: 1300 776 626 or email us.

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